Who we are

Catalyst co-founders Kim Carroll and Desiree Beauchamp have been solving problems for international entrepreneurs and global leaders for over 15 years. They’ve created language and cultural training and coaching programs for individuals and organizations including Michelin NA, Furman University, Wofford College, Ma’aden Saudi Arabian Mining Company, Fluor, the Greenville Literacy Association, South Carolina Department of Education, Sealed Air, Kawasaki, ZF Group, Bosch-Brasil, Vivo (Telefônica Brasil), King Automation, As-Sabeel Academy, and Sunlin South Korea, to name a few.

Hi, I’m Kim Carroll.

Co-Founder and Director
M Ed Divergent Learning | Certified Professional Coach


icon-about-profile1I have spent the last 15+ years devoted to working with global leaders, teachers, and entrepreneurs as they learn to navigate across culture and language. The part of my job that I love the most is identifying and solving problems that are barriers to success.

icon-about-profile2Both my academic background (studying cultures, language, and how adults learn best) and my experience (15+ years of teaching, training, coaching, consulting, and running a business across cultures and countries), inform how I work and play. I’m known for quickly assessing and understanding a situation, and pinpointing small changes that have big results…and for having SO MANY IDEAS on how to approach and solve a problem.

icon-about-profile3What can you expect from me? I’ll make you work, but you won’t even know you’re working hard. I keep an upbeat, energetic atmosphere (dare I say fun?), but I’ll make sure you leave with a better understanding of the topic and a list of goals to complete or ideas to implement. I know you’re busy, so I get right to the point, which is giving you tools to move forward successfully.

icon-about-profile4What I do:
  • deliver tools for success through effective training and coaching
  • get expats settled, comfortable, and productive
  • coach you to improve language skills and navigate tricky intercultural situations
  • curriculum development for onsite/online trainings and workshops for academic, corporate, and community education
  • teach English and Spanish
  • train English teachers for overseas positions
  • coach creative and international entrepreneurs in small business marketing and development

And I’m Desirée Beauchamp.

Co-Founder and Director
MA Intercultural Communication | Certified Professional Coach | certified Global Competencies Index (GCI) administrator


icon-about-profile1I have more than 10 years of experience training and coaching people in varied contexts and from diverse backgrounds. Too much variety? Never. I’ve developed the skills to explain anything, to anyone. I believe the best work happens when strong relationships form and real understanding happens, and I am passionate about moving others toward creating this in their own business and life.

icon-about-profile2My academic specialization is in intercultural training and communications, and I have worked across cultures in a business, coaching, consulting, and training applications. I have extensive experience working with Brazil. My greatest skill is connecting easily to people, understanding complex situations quickly, and then making that understanding clear to everyone involved.

icon-about-profile3What can you expect from me? I have a gift for making complex subjects easily understandable, and an ability to use creative examples to deepen clients’ understanding. I’ve developed a unique approach to training and coaching that is engaging, fun…and at times even hilarious. One thing is guaranteed:  training with me is never boring.

icon-about-profile4What I do:
  • coach international professionals to successfully navigate challenging cultural issues
  • build language and communication skills
  • train global leaders to maximize their potential/effectiveness at home and abroad
  • administer and evaluate the Global Competencies Index
  • curriculum development for onsite/online trainings and workshops in academic, corporate, and community education
  • teach English and Portuguese
  • train English teachers for overseas positions
  • speak Portuguese, Spanish, and German

We asked our clients what they liked best about working with us. Here’s what we heard:

  • icon-about1connected
  • icon-about2engaging & energetic
  • icon-about3sharp/smart problem solvers
  • icon-about4global savvy
  • icon-about5professional & organized
  • icon-about6distill complexity
Catalyst Intercultural specializes in training, coaching, and consulting in the areas of intercultural communication, global leadership, cross-cultural team building, and international transitions.

It was created from a desire to help you leverage your global diversity as an asset and increase your success in living and working across cultures. 

We start with standardized assessments and inventories, like the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI) and the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES), and then custom-design training programs based on your specific needs. Our assessment inventories and training program designs are based on empirical research and provide the necessary ingredients to ensure that real change happens.

And we’d love to work with you.