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Business is no longer done in isolation. To be successful, your leaders need intercultural communication skills


Kim and her team are fantastic. I just want to take a moment to say thanks to you for the excellent training that was provided to our Querétaro office. I have only heard great comments from the Querétaro teams and our training manager about the training. Our management team can already see the communication gap closing between our customers and the CSR’s.

Roy FowlerOperations ManagerMichelin NA
Are your teams prepared to succeed in a globally connected world?


question-mark3Work with us.  In our interconnected world, intercultural communication skills are a top priority to help build better relationships, close more deals, and have a high level of productivity with a low margin of error.


After training hundreds of global leaders across various sectors, we have identified the 3 pillars of success of top performing global leaders.
Even after you’ve become proficient in a new language, there is still a building process to become truly functional. To negotiate or persuade, summarize or interrupt, disagree or discipline, complain or apologize: these are the ways language must be used to lead well, organize a team, give a presentation, or make a sale.
Cultural difference can be harnessed to benefit your organization. By recognizing cultural tendencies and developing strategies to deal with them, you will not just overcome these problems but learn to leverage them.
Leadership happens regardless of title or rank: leadership is when an individual is self-confident, sets a good example for others, thinks clearly, communicates effectively, and responds appropriately in a wide range of situations.
Are your international employees getting the language and cultural training they need to avoid costly mistakes and take your business to the next level?

question-mark3Working in a global environment is more than just adjusting to timezones and deciding on a common language. If company leaders and team members alike do not have the tools and strategies to work seamlessly across cultures, time, money, and talent are wasted.


Lack of intercultural communication skills affects your bottom line with:

  • Ineffective teams
  • Extended timelines
  • Group think and sub-par problem solving skills
  • Failed expat assignments
  • Lost contracts
  • Wasted time and effort
  • Shaky customer relationships
  • Inability to resolve conflict
  • Missed opportunities

Organizations with intercultural agility have:

  • Functional and efficient teams
  • Higher success rate in international projects
  • Increased cost savings
  • Higher worker satisfaction and retention
  • Creative solutions
  • Successful and extended expat assignments
  • Happy and integrated expat families


How can Catalyst Intercultural help you?


question-mark3Our unique 3-pillar system helps you to track and create global agility within your organization, and stops the waste of time, money, and talent in intercultural situations.


Catalyst trainers have led language and cultural training and coaching programs for individuals and organizations including:

Michelin NA ~ Ma’aden Saudi Arabian Mining Company ~ Kawasaki ~ Bosch-Brasil ~ Fluor ~ Furman University ~ Wofford College ~ The Greenville Literacy Association ~ South Carolina Department of Education ~ Sealed Air ~ ZF Group ~ Vivo (Telefônica Brasil) ~ King Automation ~ As-Sabeel Academy ~ Good Samaritan Hospital, S. Korea


Work with Catalyst Intercultural tolearn techniques that will allow you to communicate with anyone, anywhere.Feel comfortable and confident doing business in any corner of the world. Contact us to see if our training, coaching, and consulting packages are a good fit for your organization.


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Hi Kim, Once again thanks for all. I am 100% happy. It has been a great experience for me.
Elisabeth and Karla are two high qualified “teachers,” capable of understanding my needs and adopting the right tools to make me improve my English knowledge. I have also enjoyed both from human point of view. I really invite Debbie (HR manager) to consider you as a preferred partner for Trelleborg Coated Systems US in that kind of training.

Maurizio AvagnaleBusiness English Coaching | HR Vice PresidentTrelleborg Coated Systems

Honestly, you and your team deserve a great deal of credit for your expertise and professionalism. We are fortunate to have you all in our increasingly diverse community. You went way above and beyond to do the job right. I certainly look forward to working with you in the future!

Dr. Lesley A. QuastAssistant Dean for Advising & Professor of EducationFurman University

Through working with Desirée, my ability to communicate clearly has grown so much.  I gained the confidence to work effectively with all kinds of teams.  I started losing my concerns about saying something wrong. Now, every day I am challenging myself to speak up more and more.  Desirée has the precision to go straight to where you have issues or problems, as well as being flexible and adjusting the format to fit my needs exactly. I would recommend working with her to everyone.

Rodrigo RibeiroDirector of Mobile MarketingVivo Brasil

I love the way Desirée utilizes online tools to maximize the learning. This means I can read our notes later, I can review everything we discussed, and I can easily practice with another person. Also, I appreciate the way she provided accurate diagnosis of my learning needs and then worked directly on what I needed. The methodology worked very well for me, because everything was so well-organized.
I’m thankful for how much all of this has helped me be less insecure in my English and intercultural interactions. I would absolutely recommend her services to both friends and my work partner and colleagues in Chile.

Andres GomesPsychologist, Human Resources